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Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

When you are starting a family, a smart plan for the future needs to consider your needs and lifestyle today, as well as your long-term aspirations. You and your significant other should reflect your personal goals, joint goals, and collectively help reach them on your own terms. Couples and Families general ask us the following questions:  

What is the Difference Between a "Budget" and a "Conscious Spending Plan" ? 

How Much "Emergency Savings" is Enough? 

Should We Share a Joint Investment Account? 

Does it Make a Difference in How Each of Us Are Compensated From Our Employers? 

How Much Risk Should We Be Taking for Our Short- and Intermediate-Term Goals?

Retirement & Education Planning:

Retirement & Education Planning:

In retirement, you want the freedom to pursue your passions. We’ll help you develop a plan so you can feel empowered to make choices for a meaningful life as you define it and find fulfillment along the way. There's no scholarship for Retirement, but there are ways to fund your own child or loved one's education as well.  Here are some of the common questions we can help answer: 

How Should I Manage My Retirement Plan?

What Are My Retirement Plan Distribution Options?

Will Social Security Retire Before You Do?

How Can I Estimate My Future Social Security Benefits?

What is the Impact of Inflation on my Retirement and Educational Plan?

Insurance and Estate Planning:

Insurance and Estate Planning:

To take care of the people you love and the life you've built, a solid protection plan is an important part of your financial strategy. Your plan is designed to fit your priorities, needs and aspirations. Below are some questions we encourage most clients to consider: 

How Can I Control the Distribution of My Estate?

What Type of "Gift Tax Limits" Should I be Considering? 

Should I Apply for a Permenant Life Insurance Policy or a Term Life Insurance Policy? 

Do I Need to Consider a Long-Term Care Plan to Avoid Any Potential Burden on My Loved Ones? 

1Fee-based, and non-fee based financial planning is offered by financial professionals who are investment advisor representatives for Equitable Advisors, LLC, a SEC-registered investment advisor.