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How do I maximize my league benefits? Am I saving Enough? Spending to Much? How am I taxed? What happens if I get injured? What happens after my Pro Career Ends?

These are some of the common questions are athletes ask.  As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and our goal in the financial planning process is to empower our athletes with the necessary knowledge to feel comfortable and confident in their professional journey.


During our Discovery process, it’s our role as a fiduciary to identify and determine your unique goals as a part of the planning.  For some athletes, it is taking care of specific family members, supporting local charities and communities, and insuring they have a conscious spending and savings plan established.  For all our athletes, it’s determining what is most important to them when it comes to short- and long-term investing while protecting their greatest asset; their ability to earn an income through their respective league sport. 


Once we’ve established an Athlete’s unique goals, we leverage our interactive financial planning software tools to show how these goals can be funded accordingly and where our Athlete’s can lean on our expertise to make strategic shifts in the plan when necessary.

Have we "maxed out" your club's group benefits? Do we have a savings account established for future income tax payments? Have a protected myself financially from any potential injury? 


As your career evolves, so will your goals. Our team will be here every step of the way.  Thinking about buying a new vehicle? Interested in investing in your own business? Are you considering starting a family? These are just a few of the major financial decisions that you can leverage our team’s knowledge, resources, and service to help you make these decisions with the confidence and knowledge that you deserve.  Much like our athletes, we are a part of team, and we pride ourselves on ensuring our athletes feels a part of ours too.